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LTD Bus System Needs Your Input!

22719918-city-travel-by-busLane Transit is taking comment on its long range transportation plan revision until November 1. This is the time for Foothills folks who would like to see services and assistance from LTD over the next 10 years to speak up. Most jobs are in the metro area, and gasoline prices make commuting by car expensive. There are a couple of very cost-effective ways LTD could help local job seekers, but they must hear from local people before they can act.

The Diamond Express is a special LTD bus service that runs from Oakridge to Eugene three times a day, but does not stop on the way. We should let LTD know we want the Diamond Express to provide much-needed service for Dexter and Pleasant Hill, to supplement the spotty service LTD provides with the Lowell bus #92.

There are several excellent privately provided software systems for ride sharing, which operate at little cost, through smart phones. We should encourage LTD to explore these systems to facilitate ride sharing in the Foothills area. Perhaps suggest to LTD that we want some staff time devoted to finding a good system that can help us in the Foothills make better use of our many private trips to town.

Here’s a link to the draft LTD Long-Range plan:

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