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Hazardous Waste Roundup – March 9

Lowell Roundup Household Hazardous Waste – Saturday, March 9  – 9am-2pm at the Lowell Fire Station

Anything with a label such as DANGER, WARNING or CAUSTIC can become a pollutant to groundwater and streams.

BRING Cleaners, Paints & Solvents, Lawn & garden chemicals, Car care products, Prescription medication, Arts & Crafts products, other household hazardous waste. Limit to 35 gallons from each household. Keep products in original labeled container or label known items.

DON’T BRING – Asbestos, Drums, Electronics, Explosives, Infectious waste, Pressurized cylinders, Radioactive waste


Please join us Saturday, September 29 – 9 AM to 5 PM for a DOWNTOWN DESIGN WORKSHOP – Fire Department Community Room, 389 Pioneer Street, Lowell

ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS ARE WELCOME to brainstorm, envision and help design the future of your downtown. Lunch will be provided.

Lowell School Registration – August 8 & 9th


August 8 – 5 to 8 PM

August 9 – 8:30-11:30 AM

Students must re-register each year to update student records. For further information, check the school website (

Lowell Grange Open House – April 29, 2017

Be our guest for lunch and join us for a day of festivities at the Lowell Grange Open House on April 29 from 12 N to 3 PM

The BBQ will be fired up and we will be serving hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and ice cream. This year’s open house will feature games and prizes through out the day, and Don Bennett will be on hand with the Traveling Trunk, a collection of local artifacts with an interesting story about each one.

Members are especially proud of the improvements over the past several years. The many monthly fundraising activities have helped make these improvements possible.

THANKS TO ALL of you for your continued support!

The Lowell Grange is located at 51 East Second Street. All are welcome!

Lowell Oregon Grange Hall

Lowell Grange Hall

“Meet & Greet” Council Candidates at the Grange – 7 pm

The Lowell Grange will host an informal “Meet & Greet” for the candidates running for three city council positions to meet with the public on Wednesday, October 12th – 7 pm.

The Grange is providing this opportunity for the candidates to introduce themselves to the community and for community members to meet with them and ask questions individually.

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