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Columbia Drag Boat Races – September 14-15

Don’t miss the exciting Drag Boat Races September 14-15 Test time and tune up Friday, September 13

The Firemen will again be serving breakfast September 14-15. Great way to start your day.

Lowell Grange theater is Presenting the Mystery “Dinner at 8, Dead at 9”

The Lowell Grange theater is presenting Dinner at 8, Dead at 9 a mystery by Michael Druce. Chicken dinner and show on:

Saturday, September 21 – 6 pm, Sunday, September 22 – 4 pm

Saturday, September 28 – 6 pm, Sunday, September 29 – 4 pm

Tickets are available for $15. Contact Gerry Burr at 541-937-2190

Brought to you by the Lowell Grange, with proceeds helping to preserve our grand old building.

Texas Hold’em Tournament – Friday, October 4

Join us for the popular Texas Hold’em Tournament, Friday, Oct 4. You may be the “winner’ of the evening.

HOLD’EM is played the 1st Friday and 3rd Saturday of the month. Don’t miss the fun!!

Texas Hold’em Tournament – September 14

Texas Holdem

The popular Texas Hold’em Tournament continues at the Lowell Grange 6 PM, Saturday, September 14

TEXAS HOLD’EM is played the 1st Friday and 3rd Saturday of the month. Don’t miss the fun!!

Please note – the Hold’em Tournament date has been changed to Saturday, Sept 14 due to the play at the Grange. We welcome you to come and enjoy the Dinner Theater on one of the performances during the last 2 weeks of Sept.

Rockin’ Lowell Back to School – September 3

Students, parents and community members are invited to no-cost BBQ on Tuesday, September 3 from 6-7 pm at the Lundy School, 45 S Moss Street.

After dinner am open house will be held at both schools from 7-8 pm. Check out THE NEW SCHOOL

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