See what's happening in our rural community!

A group of supporters of the Lowell Music program will be attending the concert at the Hult Center April 23 – please join us.

On Tuesday (4/23) our HS Choir will have the great honor of performing at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts! This is by far the most prestigious performance venue in our region, making this
opportunity a _very_ special one, indeed 🙂  PLEASE CONSIDER ATTENDING THE CONCERT AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO SO!!!

The event in question is the annual Metropolitan Choral Festival.  The concert begins at 7:00pm.  Admission is $8 per person, and all proceeds go to fund the festival itself.  WE NEED STRONG ATTENDANCE this year or we may not be able to utilize the Hult Center in the future.  It would
be wonderful to see a really strong showing from the Lowell/Fall Creek community there that night!  Family, friends, and neighbors are all encouraged to come and support our amazing LHS Choir 🙂

You’ll definitely get your money’s worth, as some of the best choirs from Eugene/Springfield (and beyond) take turns singing two of their best songs, and the concert culminates with two numbers by all 600+ participants all at once.  This impressive, combined group is under the direction of the UO’s Dr. Sharon Paul, and will not fail to impress!

Thank you 🙂  We look forward to seeing you at the show…

Paul Burch
  Music Director
  Lowell School District

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